Dave Davies On The Kinks, ‘Me And Mick Avory Wanted To Kill Each Other’

Dave Davies of the British rock band The Kinks recently talked about the band’s quite intriguing dynamics. The Kinks were notorious for the fights and conflicts between the band members. And apparently, these fights didn’t just happen between the infamous brothers of The Kinks. In an exclusive interview with the British news portal Daily Express, he spoke about these past troubles in the band and the bond between them. He said:

“The Kinks’ fights have been blown up out of proportion over the years. Me and Mick wanted to kill each other – but I love him too. Ray and I were so different. We still are. When you look back, you see how those differences complemented each other.”

After years of disagreements, he speaks fondly of his brother these days. About his brother Ray, Dave Davies said the following:

“I look forward to it whenever I see Ray and we talk about stuff, because Ray has got such a way with words.”

A Hint Of The Kinks Reunion

Good news, The Kinks fans! A potential reunion might be on the horizon. It’s been a while since the Davies brothers graced the stage together, with the last occurrence dating back to 2015, when Ray joined Dave’s solo show at London’s intimate Islington Assembly Hall to perform ‘You Really Got Me.’

Speaking about this possible reunion in the same interview, Dave Davies said:

“We spoke the other day and we’re meeting up in a couple of weeks. We’ll try to get back on stage. I won’t tell you what it is until it’s ready, but I want us to talk about doing something based on our lives.”

Ray Davies Has Been Teasing The Kinks Fans Aswell

The ongoing speculations about The Kinks’ comeback have been fueled by the band members’ recent statements. Dave’s brother Ray Davies, of The Kinks, continues to hint at the possibility of new songs from the iconic band, despite uncertainty surrounding a ‘proper’ reunion in a recent interview with NME. He commented:

“Well, it got shelved because of… other issues. But there’s still material there. When I get time.”

He said that he had been working on some ‘home demos’ since the 1990s and that in addition to Dave, drummer Mick Avory, who left the band in 1984, also contributed to these demos. He said:

“We’ve got loads of songs there in pieces—about 20. There are about two or three songs I want to finish, and when they’re finished, I’ll put the whole thing together.”

As for the prospect of a full live reunion, Davies said the idea remains ‘in the lap of the gods’ and will only come to fruition if they can lock in ‘a show that gives us the credit we deserve.’