Courtney Love Opens Up About ‘Almost Dying From A Severe Illness’

Hole singer Courtney Love shared a bold photo of herself on her official Instagram account to reflect her thoughts and feelings about her anemia, which almost killed her. Love also unveiled the positive side of this disease and what she has been focusing on these days.

A short time ago, in one of the previous interviews she participated in, Courtney Love revealed that she was struggling with anemia which caused her to lose weight, and admitted she was very close to death. The singer was 97 pounds at that time and had to be hospitalized because of this severe illness. She talked about anemia, saying that she was feeling incredible pain, but she managed to get rid of it and recovered thanks to her amazing doctors.

Recently, the musician decided to share an update on her current health status and stated that thankfully she feels terrific right now. She also expressed her gratitude towards her doctors and the handsome and gifted surgeon who looks like James Bond. Love said she posted a nude photo to ‘feel mean, lean, and lethal again’ during her post-anemia process. It’s clear she still can’t forget the severe pain despite recovering now.

Furthermore, Courtney Love said people accused her of being a witch after her interest in Buddhism. She has bought many rare crystals from The Crystal Blonde and drew attention to some stores trying to fool people by selling them cheap and worthless pieces for great prices. Therefore, she wanted to warn everyone against them while sharing her experience with a severe illness and spiritual awakening came after it.

Love’s IG post read as follows:

“Need to feel mean, lean, lethal again. No more meat: potatoes… Thanks beyond, to my team of amazing doctors and the most handsome, gifted, surgeon (movie star Scottish James Bond and handy with a blade).

I’m now fixed. I’m posting this nudie. Coz feeling post-holiday/eat my feeling. Post/almost dying from a severe illness & acute pain bedridden & infusions for sixteen straight months… Blobby.

My disease is like a very angry tornado and it is demonic. Maybe I got recovery. Had a spiritual rebirth. A psychic shift and that got so easy, fun, and then my body karma showed up and was like ‘Hey, You forgot to pay the bill.’ It was being a hurricane in the lowest circle of hell. But I and my disease/roommate seemed to have come to an understanding now.

Thank God also for low-impact THC oil. Legalize cannabis on a federal level immediately, please. I say this as a woman in recovery who hates weed. But I’m kinda starting to believe cannabinoids are the god molecule. Or one of them. I’m going to restore the temple so that when my record drops in spring. I can clamber around the stage. For you kids. Think I may have invented vajazzle here.”

She added:

“I’m West Coast and have been, often properly accused of being bewitching /a witch… So after SGI-USA and SGI-UK, Buddhism, what do you think I trust with my energy? My rocks baby. The Crystal Blonde is ethically sourcing me amazing, rare healing crystals with great prices.

There’s a plague on. So naturally, in times of plague, people want protective talismans, ritual, a revolution in whatever form that takes. It’s obviously shitty to exploit our fears by mega up pricing a piece of iron ore from Siberia that used to be 5£ to 500£ and it’s the size of a toenail clipping. Anyway. Hello. I’m naked, hot, and on a media blackout, never playing sheds again but will be rolling my sweet ass out to you soon!”

You can check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram