Corey Taylor Says Slipknot Was The Anti-Image And Clarifies If Wearing Masks Changed His Personality

Heavy metal band Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor talked about why the band chose to wear masks in the first place and the difference between the mask and his real self in a new interview on the 53rd episode of Steve-O’s Wild Ride -Podcast Youtube channel.

Slipknot was formed in 1995 by percussionist Shawn Crahan, drummer Joey Jordison, bassist Paul Gray. Then, Craig Jones, Mick Thomson, Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson, Chris Fehn, and Jim Root joined the band and they continued to play together for more than a decade. Gray died in 2010 and was replaced by Donnie Steele. Steele left the band during the recording of ‘5: The Gray Chapter.’ Jordison and Fehn were dismissed from the band. The band’s bassist became Alessandro Venturella and its drummer was Jay Weinberg. So, Crahan is the only founding member of Slipknot right now.

The masks have become Slipknot’s essential part of their identity since 1995. It was the idea of Shawn “Clown” Crahan. Crahan decided to wear a clown mask for Halloween and shared his idea with other members during their rehearsal. Although some of the members found it stupid and ridiculous, wearing different kinds of masks has become the milestone characteristic of Slipknot.  It was such an iconic and terrifying act that even some fans started to ask do they have real faces.

During the interview, Taylor said that in the beginning, masks were just cool stuff that can hide their true identities. But then, the masks also started to become part of the artistic styling. Slipknot members were the anti-images with those masks.

Then, Steve-O asked Taylor whether he becomes a different person on stage while wearing a mask or not. Corey stated that people have many faces and the mask represents a different side of his character which has been through certain challenges. It is not wholly who he is but reflects some part of his dark side.

Here’s what he said:

“It’s a little bit of certain aspects of me. Nobody is one-sided, everybody’s very multi-layered, we all have different dimensions to us.

And that mask and that music represent a certain side of me, certain events in my life, certain things that I’ve gone through, certain things I fight to this day.

And when I take it off, I can kind of come back and be a well-rounded Corey, as opposed to just this nightmarish guy. But it’s definitely a part of me, it’s not all who I am, but it’s definitely a part of who I am.

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