Corey Taylor Explains His Plans For Publishing A New Slipknot Comic Book

During a conversation with Heavy Consequence, Slipknot and Sour Stone frontman Corey Taylor talked about his contribution to Anthrax‘s new graphic novel, ‘Among the Living,’ and revealed that he also considered publishing a comic book about Slipknot.

Corey Taylor has an interest in comic books as he wrote ‘House Of Gold & Bones’ for his band Stone Sour and released the series back in 2013. The band is known to have based their two-part concept album of the same title on the series, expressing the story in a lyrical and symbolic way.

As for a recent piece of news, Corey Taylor has joined the thrash metal band Anthrax on their new graphic novel ‘Among The Living,’ writing the chapter ‘A Skeleton In The Closet.’ Rob Zombie, Brian Posehn, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard and Mikey Way are the other names who join the band for the writing process of the graphic novel that has chapters based on the songs from Anthrax’s same-titled album.

After being asked if he has plans for a Slipknot comic book considering he has another work made for Stone Sour in the past, Corey said that they have been offered to do so, but nothing has resonated yet. He then mentioned the time when he wrote for Stone Sour, saying it was really exhausting to write a comic. Taylor then stated that he would need a time period where he would sit and devote his time for the book if he wanted to write a new comic book dedicated to Slipknot, which can be challenging considering his busy schedule.

Taylor said to Heavy Consequence that:

“I mean, we’ve had a handful of people offer us to do comics over the years, and we at one point were trying to do a collab to find something that we could pull out comic-wise, whether it was with Dark Horse or like one of the other comic labels. But nothing has resonated yet, you know. I know I’ve got an idea for something but I haven’t been able to really sit down and extrapolate it.

And when I did the House of Gold & Bones one, dude, I realized how exhausting it is to write a comic. I was like, you know, I don’t think I want to go back to doing that again like anytime soon. I mean, even just doing the short story for this was trying to thread a needle and fit it in with an already crazy schedule for me, but I’m glad I did it. So if we were going to do something with Slipknot, it would have to be something where I could sit down and really devote that amount of time to it.”

Anthrax’s graphic novel ‘Among The Living’ is known to be released on July 6, 2021, in book and record stores, and it hit the shelves on July 7 in comic shops.