Confirmed: Neal Schon And Jonathan Cain’s Peace Is NOT Fake

During a recent interview with the Jeremy White Show, the Journey drummer Deen Castronovo discussed how his bandmates, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain, sorted their beef out.

The feud between the two parties has caused the band to appear uncomfortable during the shows, but it was eventually solved.

When asked whether or not Schon and Cain have solved their feud, Castronovo explained the feeling around Journey that is much more positive these days. What helped the two to get in communication? Their wives. The drummer explained:

“[It’s] perfect now, bro. It was cool. I think it was the wives. Paula, Jonathan’s wife, just said, ‘You guys, enough. Sit down, communicate. Enough of this back and forth stuff, attorneys and all that. Sit down and talk.’ And they did. The great thing is we brought Paula on, she’s a business genius. She’s just financial savvy, man, smart. So we got her involved in, and we got Michaele [Salahi, Schon’s wife], who’s got the gift to gab. She’s just great at it.”

With the help of the wives, the beef was solved, and as the drummer says, the peace of the two parties is not ‘fake.’ He continued:

“We’ve got both of those girls in there and Neil and John can just do what they do best, and that is play. They mended the fences, we’re on one jet instead of two now, everybody’s getting along great and you can see it in the performances, man. It’s not a fake smile like ‘Yeah, I hate that guy.’ It’s real.”

The Separation Drove Castronovo Insane

The conflict between Schon and Cain originated from millions of dollars billed to a company credit card. Public criticisms were exchanged between the musicians, resulting in legal action from both parties. Somehow, the bandmates still embarked on a tour together in 2023, although the atmosphere was notably uncomfortable, eventually leading the drummer to do something about it. In his words, the environment was something that drove him insane. He explained earlier in the same interview:

“Everybody was separate. And it was hard for me to see guys that I’ve known since 1989 not talking. It used to drive me insane. I remember one time I said to both of them, ‘Guys, you don’t know what it’s like to lose it all. I lost it all. God it’s horrible. You don’t want to lose it.’”

You can watch the interview below