Chris Robinson Explains The Tactic Behind Black Crowes Getting Fired By ZZ Top

The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson recalled the day his band was fired by ZZ Top.

Robinson sat down with Jimmy Fallon to talk about releasing new music for the first time in 15 years. Fallon opened a Black Crowes letter from his teen days during the show. The letter included a piece of paper that explained how the band was fired from their tour with ZZ Top. When Fallon asked if he remembered it, Robinson shared the tactic behind it:

“Yes, of course I do. It was like we were fired. But you know what? It worked in our favor because, well, I’m great friends with Billy Gibbons many years later. But at that time, David Fricke was in Atlanta. We were playing the Omni, the old arena there. And they used to have Miller beer banners. ZZ Top was sponsored by them. And we were really hardcore about our independence and rock ‘n’ roll. We’d go out there, ‘We don’t sing for this,’ and blah, blah, blah, and they were like, ‘If you keep it up, we’re going to throw you off the tour.’ And I did it.”

The singer then revealed why he actually got himself kicked off of the tour:

“We manipulated the situation a little bit because it was in Atlanta, our hometown. We were doing the cover story for Rolling Stone magazine, and there were two shows, and we were like, ‘Don’t –‘ But David Fricke’s coming the second night. ‘Don’t get thrown off the first night. Get thrown off the second night.'”

Did The Black Crowes And ZZ Top Tour Together Again?

The tour was scheduled for a 3-date homecoming stand in Atlanta at the Omni Coliseum. But after only 2 nights, The Black Crowes were fired. Brothers Chris and Rich Robinson told their side of the story in an interview three years ago. The two pointed the finger at ZZ Top’s manager Bill Ham. They claimed Ham was upset with Chris’s comments on stage and criticized ZZ Top for using corporate sponsors on the tour.

After they were fired from the tour, The Black Crowes and ZZ Top never toured together again.

Now, ZZ Top is getting ready to go on their next tour with no opening bands. The band is scheduled to take off on June 28 and end the tour on July 16.

You can watch the interview below.