Chester Bennington’s Son Draven Shares The Linkin Park Album Inspired Him The Most

Chester Bennington’s son, Draven, recently spoke about his new song ‘F_w_Me,’ in an interview with NME and talked about his inspirations. He mentioned the important influence his late father’s band, Linkin Park, has had on his life. The younger Bennington shared how his father’s music continues to inspire him both personally and creatively.

Draven has been on a mission to celebrate the positive impact of his father’s legacy, focusing on the good times and his music. He is one of the people who were inspired by Chester Bennington’s work with Linkin Park and talking about the song he recently released under the name RVRND proves his point.

The 21-year-old Draven Bennington released his debut solo song, ‘F_w_Me’, a rap track drawing inspiration from classic ’90s hip-hop. This track was heavily influenced by Linkin Park’s 2004 album, ‘Collision Course’ and it was mixed and mastered by Jay Baumgardner, who also worked with Chester during his time with Linkin Park and his previous band, Grey Daze.

About the album’s impact on his music, Draven said:

“I think that that album [‘Collision Course’] definitely has the most inspiration on my music style, but I also am inspired by having watched him having fun figuring out the right music. When I started doing it, it was just for fun and all on my own.”

Draven also spoke about his father, highlighting the good things about him that left a lasting impact on many. It’s no surprise that Chester Bennington not only inspired his son on a personal level but also played an instrumental role in shaping Draven’s musical journey. According to the same interview, his son continues to be inspired by his father posthumously with countless fans sharing their stories about how Chester’s music influenced their lives.

Draven shared:

“Every time I hear somebody’s story, telling like how much my dad’s music impacted their life, I just think it’s really beautiful. I think that’s really sweet how something that he was just doing as a passion, what he loved, had that effect on so many people. I get so many just lovely stories of things like, ‘I had this really bad day and I threw on this song from your dad and it completely changed it around.'”

Chester Bennington’s legacy lives on through his son, who has taken up the torch of sharing the power of his father’s music. As fans of Linkin Park and Chester’s music continue to inspiration in his art, Draven Bennington is following his own path, using the lessons he learned from his father to create his own sound that began to fruit this year. Fans can only hope we hear more from Draven in the future.