Charlie Benante Explains Pantera’s Strategy To Make Fans Going ‘F—k Yeah’ At Every Show

Charlie Benante talked about how Pantera excites fans at every show.

The drummer recently spoke with Drumeo host Brandon Toews about the band’s setlist before their concert at Madison Square Garden. Benante revealed how they chose to end their gigs:

“When we get to the encore, we usually close with a powerful fast song just to leave the audience going ‘f*ck yeah.'”

Pantera Has A New Song On Their Setlist

The musician also discussed their new addition to the Pantera setlist:

“We introduced a new song to the set called ‘Floods,’ which is off their ‘Trendkill’ record. It was Darrell’s favorite guitar solo that he did in the history of Pantera.”

Lately, they start with ‘A New Level’ from ‘Vulgar Display of Power.’ Then they mix songs from different albums and tempos. They speed things up later in the show as they want to keep the energy high until the end.

Charlie’s On-Stage Connection With Rex Brown

Benante previously explained that he looks for approval from bassist Rex Brown while playing Pantera’s ‘Walk’ during their performances:

“I like to lock in with Rex. I leave this area [shows the gap between two cymbals] of the kit open so I could see Rex, and him and I are always looking at each other locking in. That’s important because Rex knows this song better than anyone, and if he’s giving me the good wink, I know the verse is moving at a good pace.”

Pantera will perform at the Sonic Temple festival in Columbus, Ohio on May 18. Then, they’ll open for Metallica on August 2 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, after playing a few other festival dates.

You can watch the rest of his chat below.