Chad Smith And Matt Cameron Clarify Their Controversial Taylor Hawkins Comments

Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Chad Smith and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron recently shared posts to explain their recent interview about the late Foo Fighters icon Taylor Hawkins on their Instagram accounts. The two musicians apologized to his family and bandmates because of what they said.

Taylor Hawkins passed away due to a possible drug-related heart problem on March 25, 2022; his early death made his family, bandmates, friends, and fans worldwide shocked and sad. Shortly after this tragedy, some of his friends and colleagues joined magazines for interviews to talk about the drummer’s final days and their memories of him before losing him. However, one article turned into another tragedy itself.

The musician’s friends, including Smith and Cameron, talked about how the drummer was exhausted because of Foo Fighters’ never-ending touring schedule. Hawkins collapsed, and some claimed that he lost his consciousness in an airplane during their travels for a concert. The band’s representatives denied all of these claims, and the drummer never shared his problems with the frontman Dave Grohl despite the other comments.

Following the controversial comments, Smith reflected his regret and sadness, saying that he only wanted to pay tribute to Hawkins for the sake of the time they spent together. However, his words became sensationalized and misleading, so he apologized to his family and friends. Also, Cameron released a similar statement and emphasized that his quotes were out of context and he wished to celebrate the late musician’s life and works.

Smith’s IG post read:

“Taylor was one of my best friends, and I would do anything for his family. I was asked by Rolling Stone to share some memories of our time together, which I thought was going to be a loving tribute he deserved. Instead, the story they wrote was sensationalized and misleading, and had I known, I would have never agreed to participate. I apologize to his family and musical friends for any pain this may have caused. I miss Taylor every day.”

Cameron added in his post:

“When I agreed to take part in the Rolling Stone article about Taylor. I assumed that it would be a celebration of his life and work. My quotes were taken out of context and shaped into a narrative I had never intended. Taylor was a dear friend and a next-level artist. I miss him.

I have only the deepest love and respect for Taylor, Dave, and the Foo Fighters’ families. I am truly sorry to have taken part in this interview, and I apologize that my participation may have caused harm to those whom I have only the deepest respect and admiration.”

You can check out the posts below.

Photo Credit: Chad Smith – Instagram
Photo Credit: Matt Cameron – Instagram
Photo Credit: Matt Cameron – Instagram