Bryan ‘Dexter’ Holland Confirms The Offspring’s Plans To Release New Singles

The Offspring frontman Bryan ‘Dexter’ Holland recently made their fans content by announcing in an interview with Brazil’s 89FM A Radio Rock that the band has plans to release a new single from their most recent album or the upcoming one.

The Offspring, which has especially appealed to punk rock and alternative rock listeners since the ’80s, achieved mainstream success with the ‘Smash’ album in the mid-’90s and reached a broad audience. In the 2000s, the band continued to delight its fans with new materials, albeit intermittently.

The band, which had not produced a new album for a while after the 2012 record ‘Days Go By,’ made its fanbase happy with the release of ‘Let the Bad Times Roll,’ the first record in 9 years. A few songs, such as the title track and ‘Behind Your Walls’ came out as singles. Later, the band hit the road on tour supporting this album which took many years to complete.

Recently, the lead vocalist Dexter Holland gave a piece of information in an interview that will make their fans content. The singer said they hope to release a new single from their most recent record as they are proud of their materials. He also announced that they are working on a new album and noted that they would release either a single from the latest record or the upcoming album that will drop in the New Year.

Bryan ‘Dexter’ Holland said the following when asked if they had plans to release singles from ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’:

“I hope we can do another single, ’cause there are so many songs that we’re so proud of on this album we’d like to do. At the same time, we want to keep things rolling. We had to take time off in the pandemic, and we feel like, ‘We’re back at it. Let’s make the most of it right now.’ So we’re working on a new album. So it might be another single off of this album or hopefully a new single off a new album coming in the New Year.”

While waiting for a new single, you can listen to the Offspring’s latest album through Spotify below.