Bruce Springsteen Says The Ticket Sale Of E Street Band Shows Is Temporarily Suspended

Bruce Springsteen recently announced that Ticketmaster suspended the ticket sales for certain shows because they had technical difficulties that put the fans at unease.

Even though most musicians returned to touring as soon as possible after the pandemic hit the industry, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band played it safe by scheduling their dates a bit further than expected. They have been performing together since 1972, and their last show was on Saturday Night Live in 2020.

After the pandemic, the E Street band’s first performance will commence in April 2023. The frontman announced the band’s world tour, thrilling fans who have been patiently waiting for such an announcement. The long-awaited performance tickets are already on sale, and they will cover most European cities.

As many artists do, the tour’s tickets went on sale on Ticketmaster. It is one of the most well-known platforms trusted by celebrities and fans that obtains tickets for events. The website is also one of the most prominent digital platforms that eased the purchasing steps by not having to buy the tickets physically.

However, the digital platform faced some technical difficulties, and Bruce Springsteen announced that they had to put the tickets for Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Landgraaf on hold. The suspension will end very soon, and the fans will be able to continue with their purchases and eventually see the iconic performances.

Here is what Springsteen announced:

“Unfortunately, shortly after the start of today’s sales, Ticketmaster experienced some unforeseen technical difficulties. Ticketmaster is working hard on fixing the issues, and we have temporarily suspended ticket sales for Copenhagen, Amsterdam & Landgraaf.

Ticket sales will resume tomorrow, Thursday, June 2, at 9:00 am CET for Copenhagen and at 11:00 am CET for Amsterdam and Landgraaf.”

You can see Springsteen’s informing tweets below.