Bruce Dickinson Says Iron Maiden Didn’t Lose Any Of Their Original Fans

During a conversation with Classic Rock, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson recently talked about the long-running band and stated that even though they have a new generation of a fanbase, they didn’t lose any of their original fans.

Iron Maiden is one of the biggest metal bands that gained recognition since emerging in 1975. The band is known for releasing concept albums and is the pioneer of the new wave of the British heavy metal movement. Their innovative style proved that heavy metal could be considered an art form especially creating a whole design concept aside from the music.

The storytelling sound they have influenced other bands and kept them in a high position in the heavy metal world. The band’s stylistic and musical choices also impacted their fans as they are increasingly loyal every year. The heavy metal frontman opened up about this matter in a recent interview.

Bruce Dickinson stated that Iron Maiden’s fanbase grows layers each year. The fans have been there since the beginning and stood loyal, and the new generation every year discovered the band via their parents and listened to their iconic albums. According to him, gaining new audiences is a stable process that does not damage the loyalty of their older fans.

Here is what Dickinson stated:

“I think of our fans like layers of plywood, in that we seem to grow another layer every year, which in turn adds to the previous layers and makes the overall even stronger. So eventually, you end up with a table that is ten feet thick, comprising fans who have been with us from the start, joined by younger fans who have maybe heard our music online or came to a live show with their parents.

They then start to go back and discover our catalog, and an album like ‘Number Of The Beast’ is all new to them, which is great. The beauty of it being that we didn’t lose any of our original fans, they’ve just been joined by a new generation, and we keep building that way.”

The most recent album Iron Maiden released is ‘Senjutsu’ on September 3, 2021. This record is the first album the band put out in almost six years. Hence, the impatient fans immediately listened to it, making it a critical and commercial success.