Bruce Dickinson Details The Pink Floyd Influence On New Iron Maiden Record

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson spoke in a recent interview with 93X Radio and reflected on the band’s inspirations while writing their new album, ‘Senjutsu.’

‘Senjutsu’ is a seventeenth studio album of Iron Maiden that was released on September 3, and it is the first studio album in six years following 2015’s ‘The Book of Souls.’ It is also a double-album which is 80 minutes in length.

While Iron Maiden influenced many bands and musicians from this album, they were also inspired by other bands as can be seen in one of the songs named ‘Lost In A Lost World,’ which features lots of Pink Floyd sounds. In the conversation, the interviewer asked a question about these sound similarities.

Dickinson admitted that the song was influenced by Pink Floyd, especially in its beginning part, and stated that the song features lots of progressive rock sounds and then becomes heavier suddenly. Furthermore, Bruce pointed out that the whole record is a real mixture of the genres and revealed that he used lots of his vocal range in this album from top-end squeaky bits to lower register sounds.

Bruce Dickinson revealed the Pink Floyd influence on ‘Lost In A Lost World’ song:

Totally at the beginning, oh yeah. It’s the whole thing – you have actually walked into a prog-rock album from 1973. And then you just get hit over the head with a mallet unexpectedly.

There’s a lot of stuff like that in places on the album. Lots of the vocals on this album are a lot more varied, I’m using a lot more of my range.

We’ve got all the top-end squeaky bits, yeah, but there’s a lot more of using my lower register, almost whispered in places and stuff.”

You can listen to the interview below.