Brian Welch Recalls His Fear Of Being An ‘Hypocrite’ By Rejoining Korn

Brian Welch recalled the day he rejoined Korn after leaving the band due to religious reasons.

In a new interview with Kingdom Story Company, the rocker revealed how he was afraid of being a ‘hypocrite’ when he was offered to rejoin the band by Jonathan Davis. He touched on his story, which led to his initial exit:

“They asked me to come back two or three weeks later, that’s when I got confused, ’cause my story was left the fame, left the money, followed Christ to a more humble place, I didn’t care about that stuff. I had to break this religious mindset. That was my whole story. I wrote a book about it. I’m like, ‘Lord, I can’t do that.’ That’s not my story. I didn’t know [it was a part of my story] because of the religious mindset.”

Welch was apparently afraid of the reactions he would get once he was back in the band. He continued:

“I knew if I went back everyone was gonna say, ‘He wasn’t real the whole time, he just wanted Jesus to help him get clean, now he’s going back to the fame and money.’ Dog returns to its vomit, all that stuff. Then I started feeling like it was meant to be; God was leading me to it.”

‘I Went Too Far’

Welch himself embraced religion in the early 2000s as a means to overcome struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, prompting him to step away from Korn for almost a decade. The guitarist got baptized shortly after departing from Korn in 2005. He then reunited with the band in 2013 and has since reflected on his initial zealous approach to his newfound faith.

During the ‘No F**kin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn’ podcast, Welch disclosed his experience of ‘going too far’ with his beliefs and talked about the importance of finding balance:

“The crazy thing is I had an experience with something from another dimension. And it wasn’t the religion — going to church and being a good boy — it was, like, I felt something come into my house, and I can’t explain it to this day. But I believe that it was Christ doing something in me. So that was real — that was very real. But yes, I think I went too far with it. And I got obsessed with it, just like I was obsessed with the drugs. I believe I did, for sure. And I had to come out of that and find normalcy, because there’s nothing worse than a freakin’ irritating religious person just shoving it down your throat — there’s nothing worse than that.”

Welch’s Baptism Picture Went Viral

Approximately 20 other members of the Valley Bible Fellowship, the Bakersfield, California church where he had spoken two weekends prior, participated in Welch’s baptism ceremony. Apparently, it was his choice to be baptized in the Jordan River because he had received a divine message. A now-viral picture from the ceremony was shared, where people drew parallels between the rocker and Jesus.

While Welch acknowledges that many people made jokes about the picture, he also emphasized that it held significance for him. He posted the image on his Instagram along with a heartfelt message, saying that the day he was baptized was his spiritual birthday, and it meant a lot to him.

You can watch the interview below.