Brian Welch Clarifies If Korn Considers Doing A Club Tour Or Not

Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch spoke in a recent interview with HardDrive Radio and talked about the upcoming live shows of the band.

In the conversation, Brian pointed out that they are getting creative during the self-quarantine days because they are thinking about what they can do in the live shows when it started.

While mentioning the coronavirus outbreak, Brian stated that he wasn’t expecting to be on the stage before Fall 2021 and revealed that it could be only smaller shows compared to the last events.

Furthermore, Brian revealed that he doesn’t know if this means they will make a club tour or not and said that they might want the fans to show the proof of they had the vaccine to enter the show.

Here is what Brian Welch said:

“I think that we’re gonna get creative with getting through the majority of the year, if we can’t play shows. Korn’s management and the band, we’re just throwing things back and forth — ‘What if we did this?’, ‘What if we did that?’ — and we’re getting pretty close to locking in some cool ideas.

So I’m hoping, the crystal ball is showing me that we can have some shows in the fall. I think there’s gonna be smaller shows happening.

So I don’t know if that means that Korn goes out and does a club tour — just to get to the fans and give ’em something, and to give us something to do — or I don’t know if it’s something where you have to show proof that you got a vaccine.

The big shows are — common sense will tell you that getting ten thousand people into a place doesn’t look too promising for this year, but you never know.”

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