Brian May Says Not Having Taylor Hawkins Around Is Almost Crushing

In his Instagram post regarding their first Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium, Brian May talked about how much he misses Taylor Hawkins and how hard it is not to have the late drummer by their side.

Taylor Hawkins unexpectedly passed away on March 25 while on tour with the Foo Fighters. Details on the precise reason for his passing have not been made public, despite rumors claiming that his death may be drug-related based on the toxicology reports that revealed he had several chemicals in his system when he died. Whatever the cause, the drummer’s sudden death devastated his family, fans, and bandmates.

After the tragic incident, Foo Fighters took a break from performing. After a while, his bandmates announced they would organize tribute concerts in Hawkins’ memory. The band members will perform on September 3 at Wembley Stadium and September 27 at The Kia Forum in Los Angeles. The band will share the stage with several rockers who also wish to commemorate their fellow musician.

Foo Fighters had previously announced they would have many special guests, such as Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Wolfgang Van Halen, and many more. One of the special guests will be Queen’s Brian May, who will also take the stage. In his recent Instagram post, the rock icon shared the details of the highly anticipated first tribute concert, which will take place on September 3.

May also wrote some emotional words about Hawkins, as the pair were known to have a special relationship. Talking about how much he misses Hawkins in the caption of his post, Brian May revealed how hard it has been not to be able to spend time with the late drummer anymore. The rock legend stated that he was pleased that they would perform the tribute concert in his honor and noted that the rehearsals went well.

In his Instagram post, May both gave information about the concert and shared his feelings:

“Yes! Taylor is our focus right now. The sadness of not having him around to enjoy the moments is almost crushing… But it’s awesome to be building a show to pay tribute to this wonderful human being, so hugely missed. The last couple of days rehearsing our contribution have been an awesome trip. Anyone who managed to get a seat at Wembley Stadium for this coming Saturday is in for an unforgettable treat! And it’s all sail able to watch around the world too… See these panels. Cheers.”

The first concert will take place at Wembley Stadium in London but will also be broadcasted live on Paramount+, Pluto TV, and MTV’s Youtube Channel. 

You can see the photo shared by Brian May on Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram