Brian May Says He Doesn’t Have The Technical Expertise Of Eddie Van Halen


Queen guitarist Brian May gave an interview to Goldmine Magazine in which he revealed he lacks Eddie Van Halen’s technical expertise.

Brian May is a talented guitar player who rose to prominence as the guitarist of Queen. He contributed to the band’s success with his distinctive guitar sound and became regarded as a virtuoso musician. Besides his guitar skills, he is also a pretty successful songwriter who created many of Queen’s hits.

Brian May used a custom guitar he built with his father named Red Special during most of Queen’s performances. Moreover, he became featured in many music polls as a great rock guitarist and was considered among the greatest guitarists of all time. His solos in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Brighton Rock’ also achieved critical acclaim.

Alongside Brian May, Eddie Van Halen is also among the most influential guitarists in music history. Eddie is well-known for popularizing the tapping technique, and he rose to prominence with his distinctive playing style. Besides, his solo in ‘Eruption’ is regarded as one of the greatest guitar solos.

In an interview on Goldmine Magazine, the host Patrick Prince praised Brian May’s guitar sound and advised him to do an instrumental album like Satriani’s. As a response, Brian May said maybe he should do one, but he doesn’t have the technical expertise of Eddie Van Halen, Satriani, Steve Vai, or Al Di Meola.

Following that, the award-winning guitarist implied he might do an instrumental album after all. May then said he considers his guitar as his voice, and thus, he cannot play faster than he can think. So, it remains uncertain whether the guitarist will do an instrumental album, but it seems like he is open up to it.

In the interview on Goldmine Magazine, the host Patrick Prince told Brian May that:

“You have an unmistakable guitar sound. You could do an instrumental album like Satriani does.”

Brian May then responded:

“Maybe I should do. I don’t have the dazzling technical expertise of a Satriani or a Steve Vai or Al Di Meola or Eddie Van Halen. But I just might. My guitar is very much my voice. I can’t play faster than I can think.”

Earlier this year, Brian May announced the release of a reissue of the ‘Back To The Light’ album. He released the record on August 6, and the new reissue featured live versions of some Queen songs like ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ and ‘Driven By You.’

You can check out the reissue of ‘Back To The Light’ through Spotify below.