Brian May Says He And Freddie Mercury Never Talked About His Sexuality

Brian May was once again asked some questions about Freddie Mercury’s ethnicity and sexuality. Even though Mercury is now a prominent figure of the LGBTQ+ community, the band never talked about his sexual orientation because it didn’t matter.

With his flamboyant personality, fabulous style, and incredible vocal talents, Freddie Mercury was an icon in the rock and roll world and mainstream music. His love and dedication to his job always helped him succeed, and the band became one of the most acclaimed rock acts in the world. At every opportunity, his bandmates still state how much he meant to them both as a musician and as a friend.

There are also questions still being asked to the band members regarding Freddie’s sexuality. The world still wonders if Freddie was aware he was such an influential figure, especially for the LGBTQ+ community. Brian May recently addressed this topic and stated that they never really talked about his sexual orientation because it didn’t matter.

Being ahead of their time, they didn’t regard his sexuality or ethnicity as relevant topics to discuss. May spent a lot of time with the iconic singer, and they became best friends. Thus, he knew a lot about him, but their only concern was their music and performances. It didn’t matter if he was gay or straight, white or not, even though these were considered an ‘issue’ at the time.

Here is what the interviewer asked Brian May:

“Do you think at the time, did he have the attitude of knowing that he was doing something. Let’s face it, at the time, it was difficult to live the way he was living. To be who he wanted to be, that really took some strength, didn’t it?”

Here is what May replied:

“Yeah, this is a very deep subject, and I can get in deep water talking about it because things were very different in those days. Freddie wasn’t, in any way, regarding himself as some kind of evangelist. Not for the issues we all talk about today all the time, you can see that in the film actually, The Bohemian Rhapsody film has a truth in it. He lived his life as a musician and a performer, and a human being. And, as a group, we didn’t worry about any of the other issues that might have come up.

Maybe that’s extraordinary, in the world as it is today but, we never talked about the fact that Freddie’s skin wasn’t the same color as ours. He wasn’t that different anyway but nowadays this would be a huge issue. And we never talked about the fact that he might have been gay, and he might not have been. I shared rooms with Freddie. I know a lot about Freddie. Not all of which I shared with the world, but the funny thing was, that wasn’t what was important. The music was everything.

We just wanted to make music, we wanted to excite people the way we’ve been excited by Little Richard or Jimi Hendrix to the Beatles, and that was our lives. We were devoted, married to the music. It’s hard to explain this to people now. I got myself in very hot water recently, trying to explain. I’ve probably done the same again now. Because people see me as part of the problem if I don’t think there is a problem. But, we had a wonderful time together, and there was never any talk about anything except let’s make the next great night.

You can listen to him below.