Brian May Reveals That He’s Working Night And Day To Relaunch His First Solo Album, ‘Back To The Light’

Queen lead guitarist Brian May shared a post that included a fan art on his official Instagram page announcing that he is working on his first solo album, ‘Back to the Light’ in order to re-release the album with bonus tracks and the album will soon be ready for his fans.

As many of you might remember, Back to the Light’ is the first solo album by Brian May which was released on 28 September 1992 in the UK and on 2 February 1993 in the United States and Canada. The album contains 12 tracks including the top singles, ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ and ‘Driven by You.’

Nearly 3 decades after, Brian May shared a post on his official Instagram page and revealed that he will be releasing a relaunch version of his first-ever solo album with additional tracks sometime soon. May revealed that it has been challenging for him to re-create his album during the lockdown, however, the end is near.

In addition to this, May also shared a fan’s artwork dedicated to his song ‘Driven by You’ in his recent post and revealed that although the song was originally inspired by an advertisement for Ford, however, it ultimately became a love song.

Here is what May said:

“Thanks, Marilyn for this great reminder! I’m working night and day right now to bring back this album – Back to the Light – my first solo album – and relaunch it out there. For a long time, it hasn’t been available. It’s quite tricky under lockdown – but it will soon be ready – all remastered and polished and with a nice little package of bonus tracks. DRIVEN BY YOU was my very first solo HIT single – originally inspired by writing an ad for Ford motor cars – strange how life happens. From cars and speed and road trips, it became a love song. And one that still resonates with me. Enjoy this lovely art of Marilyn while we bring reminiscences to life. Visit her IG for lots more amazing images and the chance to buy prints for your walls !! Bri”

You can click here to see the Instagram post.