Brian May Explains The Reason Why He Had To Undergo Surgery And Admits He Didn’t Expect Fans’ Massive Support

Queen lead guitarist Brian May recently shared a video on his official Instagram page thanking his fans after receiving countless messages about his eye surgery in addition to revealing the reason behind getting an operation, apparently, his left eye needed a lens replacement due to the loss of focus.

As some of you know, Queen icon scared his fans in May 2020 after experiencing a small heart attack that required surgery including the insertion of three stents into three blocked arteries in his heart. Brian May opened up about the experience of having a heart attack and stated that it wasn’t as bad as his fans may think since it was only 40 minutes of pain and tightness in his chest.

However, Brian May later revealed that it was the following stomach hemorrhage due to the medication that felt incredibly painful, even worse, and more intense than the heart attack itself. While his fans were worried about his health status, May has been doing great since the scary incident up until a recent surgery.

Recently, Queen’s lead guitarist shared a picture in a hospital gown on his official Instagram account showing he’s in the hospital for an operation. Fortunately, May later revealed that he was only going to have eye surgery in order to improve his focus and vision in his left eye. The following post revealed the 20-minute long procedure worked out completely fine and May felt nothing under the influence of a local anesthetic.

After receiving a major response from his fans who were concerned about his current health status as well as messages wishing him to get well soon, Brian May shared a video on his official Instagram page thanking each and every fan of his for being kind enough to be worried about him.

In addition to this, the legendary guitarist revealed further details about his surgery, stating that he basically had a cataract operation despite not having a cataract in his eye. May also shared the information about the history of his eye, stating that the former LASIK surgery wore off and his left eye needed adjustment in its focus, and it’s nearly all healed now, as May stated.

Here is what May said in the video:

“Folk I had to come on here live and say thank you for the incredible response you gave me. I didn’t expect that, I was just putting a few items of information about my eye operation. You’ve been so kind, thank you so much for the care and sympathy that you’ve given me, really appreciate it. I’m in good shape this morning woke up and it was a little bit milky vision in there but apparently it’s normal. I feel a little bit bruised but very little really so no need to be scared of this kind of eye operation.

Some people are asking what it is, basically, I had a cataract operation although I don’t have a cataract. So they replaced the lens here because my focus was so out. I had a LASIK operation years ago but it drifted a long way since then so I could focus nothing on the left eye. Now, already I can see pretty much perfect through a slight haze, so I’m great, thank you so much for caring and I love the fact that we have this connection. To all my folks, thank you.”

You can see the Instagram post below.