Bobby Blotzer Opens The Door For Ratt’s Classic Lineup Reunion

Drummer Bobby Glotzer recently revealed through his official Facebook account that a reunion with the original members of Ratt might be on the way.

The band’s history dates back to the early ’70s, as Ratt was one of the prominent figures on the American metal scene. The band quickly gained national recognition following the release of their self-titled EP in 1983. As vocalist Stephen Pearcy‘s raspy yet bluesy vocals harmonized with Robbin Crosby and Warren DeMartini‘s brilliant guitar riffs, the band acquired a unique pop-metal sound that caught the attention of listeners and critics.

Following the release of their second studio album, ‘Invasion of Your Privacy,’ the band had established a defined rhythm in their tunes and was recognized by international audiences. Ratt extensively toured the United States through the ’80s, and the band performed worldwide with sold-out shows.

As all successful bands experience their fair share of disputes and creative differences, Ratt also went through theirs. Due to Crosby’s substance addiction and failed stage performances, the band had a fallout, and Ratt replaced Crosby. The band has been on hiatus due to conflicts among the band members since 2010. The classic lineup hasn’t reunited since.

One of the original band members, the drummer Bobby Glotzer, recently posted an old festival poster of Ratt’s opening performance for the Scorpions in 1985. After receiving many questions from the fans on Facebook about a possible future reunion with the classic lineup, Glotzer admitted that he would love to perform with the band as he felt like he owed a reunion to their loyal fans all around the world.

He wrote:

”You guys want a Ratt OG Tour, email Warren [DeMartini], he’s locked in his rose garden. Juan [Croucier] is locked in his house somewhere but him and Stephen [Pearcy], whew not good. Stephen and I [are] great and ready to friggin Ratt N Roll. I really believe, and I’ve said this to the band, we owe this to them [the fans]. You guys were the ones who fueled the Ratt tank from the get go.”

He continued:

”Look, I’d rather be out there [with my solo band] than having the [Ratt] band out there with just me and the bass player in Ratt. That’s not what Ratt was. Ratt was Crosby, Pearcy, DeMartini, Bobby, and Juan. And so be it. And I’d rather give a bit of integrity to the band, ’cause it was a great rock band, and just continue doing what I do.”

Vocalist Stephen Pearcy had also previously expressed interest in getting back together with the classic lineup to make a final Ratt album. Bobby Blotzer has been working with his band, Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt Experience, and he has been touring and performing nationwide.