Blur’s Graham Coxon Reflects On Playing Their Earlier Songs After The Reunion

After an eight-year hiatus, the Brit-pop legends Blur have announced their new album, ‘The Ballad of Darren.’ The band has already begun to promote performances and give interviews as fans impatiently await the album’s release in July. Recently, in an interview with Radio X’s Dan O’Connell, the guitarist Graham Coxon also addressed some concerns about their live performances.

Following the album announcement, while both fans and band members eagerly anticipate the live shows, there are also raising questions about the band members’ performance. In response to these, Coxon discussed the difficulties of performing their earlier tracks as they have. The guitarist admitted that as he’s gotten older, he’s preferred some of the more depressing songs on the playlist, noting ‘Badhead’ from Parklife as one of them.

The guitarist explained:

“I like playing those older ones more respectfully as possible in a way, because a lot of our live shows were more exuberant than they were on record, but I’m a bit too deaf and in pain. You’ve got to remember when you’re playing a song that you played in your 20s now that you’re approaching your mid-50s, you don’t quite act in the same way you did then… though I’ll probably attempt it.”

He continued:

“I mean, it’s hard. It’s hard to sing those songs,” Albarn interjected. “I certainly can’t jump up and down in the way I used to, ‘cause my knees are knackered, but it doesn’t mean I can’t move my top half frantically.”

In a previous interview in 2021, the singer Damon Albarn also talked about growing older, stating:

“I think you just have to start coming to terms with the finality of life. In a way that’s quite liberating because once you get over that … I mean, who knows how we face death until we face it? There’s nothing else getting in your way, really, other than death. So, if you see it like that, it’s very liberating. There’s one thing you can’t avoid, so head towards it joyously.”

You can read the full interview here.