Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Explains His Theory About The UFO Coverup

A few weeks ago, during a US Congress hearing, ex-military and intelligence officer David Grusch claimed that the government has been hiding the existence of aliens and UFOs for years. Recently, when a Twitter user shared some opinions about the reason behind the coverup, Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge also wrote his theory as follows:

“I always wondered if it was kept quiet not from us but from the Others themselves. What if we didn’t want them to know that we knew what they were doing, and it was an epic, scary AF problem? Like the Manhattan Project, keep the plans secret at all costs, then, when ready…”

Later, another account questioned whether the aliens could be the same as or less developed than humans. To answer, the guitarist explained:

“Except that they can bend the fabric of spacetime, manipulate and control antimatter reactions, contain and transfer the human soul, alter and progress the human genome, and timeshare our consciousness… must be, like, three years ahead of us?”

DeLonge’s tweets about the matter received mixed reactions from his followers. Still, a user supported his theories about alien technology by writing:

“Totally possible that they are only a few hundred to maybe a thousand years ahead. What we understand as far as physics was, at the very least, theoretical 90 to 125 yrs ago. Only takes a few discoveries to launch a civilization technologically forward. Compare WWI era to now.”

Another person opposed this idea:

“Some percentage of your belief about their abilities is likely to be wrong. I would encourage you to consider the possibility that you ascribe more ability to these beings than they actually possess.”

You can check out Tom DeLonge’s tweets below.