Blaze Bayley Shares His Honest Opinion On Bruce Dickinson

Former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley recently shared his thoughts on the current vocalist, Bruce Dickinson.

Bayley appeared on The Metal Voice to discuss his health, his new live album, and thoughts about the current Iron Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickinson. After the interviewer explained that the songs are tailored to the vocalists, the rocker was asked about his thoughts on the difference between the Maiden’s studio albums and lives. Telling about the time he replaced Dickinson, he expressed his admiration for the frontman and said the following:

“I’ve done a lot of changes at the time. I auditioned for Iron Maiden with a lot of other people, and I never thought I would get it because my voice is so different to Bruce Dickinson, who is one of the greatest singers in music. Not just heavy metal, but in music, Bruce Dickinson is something and someone, and he’s very special.”

Then he recalled his times with the band and explained how they were going to a ‘progressive era’:

“What happened was Maiden would go into a progressive era, and they would change in as much as… I think Bruce was changing, [saying,] ‘I wanna go do something else,’ then Maiden would go, ‘You know what? We wanna lock it a different direction.’ Maiden would go in a progressive direction, and my voice was part of that change.”

Then he concluded by explaining what makes the band’s ‘The X Factor’  interesting:

“So it’s not just the fact that they had a new voice, it’s they had a new direction, all being sudden difference, and I think that’s a part of what makes ‘The X Factor’ such an interesting album with so much great music on the album.”

Bayley quit Wolfsbane to join Iron Maiden and was a part of the band for five years until Dickinson joined back in 1999. Although the rocker revealed that the band did the right thing by taking Dickinson back, he was disappointed to quit because he was delighted to play with the band.

Following his departure, the vocalist focused on his solo career, and in 2010, he reunited with Wolfsbane. He recently released his live album, ‘Damaged Strange Different and Live.’

See the interview with The Metal Voice below.