Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler Suffers From Pneumonia

Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath will need some rest because the 73-year-old rocker has recently been diagnosed with pneumonia. Gloria Butler, his wife, posted two pictures of him seated on a bed in a doctor’s office on Instagram. Butler’s condition appears to be not that serious considering Gloria’s humorous tone in her post, as his wife could still laugh about her spouse being a difficult patient.

Gloria wrote in her IG post’s caption, “After day one at the doctor with my husband, and was told he was negative for flu, COVID, strep and tonsillitis; I said…well, he’s positive for being a pain in my arse. On day two at the doctor, he was told he has pneumonia. Although still positive for being a pain, I now feel guilty for thinking that.”

As you may recall, Black Sabbath put an end to its long-lasting music career in 2017. This meant a retirement, or at least some rest, for Geezer Butler. Although Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne reunited later, Butler was unable to attend and delight his fans due to health issues since he needed to take a rest.

However, Butler doesn’t seem like the type to stay away from the stage that long. In interviews he gave after Sabbath’s breakup, he said that retiring and waking up in the morning with nothing to do was fine at first, but now he’s about to go nuts. We hope he recovers quickly and jumps to the stage he missed!

Photo Credit: Gloria Butler – Instagram