Billy Idol On Working With Miley Cyrus, ‘I Have To Admire Her Fortitude’

Pop star Miley Cyrus‘ transition to rock has opened the doors to working with true rockers like Billy Idol. The two musicians have been working together over the past few years, and they even did a song called ‘Night Crawling’ as a part of Cyrus’ ‘Plastic Hearts’ album. Idol shared with Grammy Awards that Cyrus puts in the work to be where she is, and the fans are on the same page with them working together.

“I think they’re into it,” shared Idol about their fans who were aligned with the news sound but maybe not so much the record company. “It’s more the record company that didn’t really get ‘Night Crawling’— it was one of the best songs on ‘Plastic Hearts,’ and I don’t think they understood that. They wanted to go with Dua Lipa and the modern, young acts, and I don’t think they realized that that song would resonate with her fans. It is a shame because, with Andrew Watts producing, it’s a hit song.”

However, Idol was happy with the result; he said, “But at the same time, I enjoyed doing it. It came out really good, and it’s very Billy Idol. In fact, it’s more Billy Idol than Miley Cyrus. It shows you where Andrew Watt was. He was excited about doing a Billy Idol track. She’s fun to work with. She’s a great person and works at her singing — I watched her rehearsing for the Super Bowl performance she gave. She rehearsed all Saturday morning, all Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning, and it was that afternoon. I have to admire her fortitude. She really cares.”

After spending some time with Cyrus, Idol has learned her work ethic and courage in taking on the challenge to shift genres and reinvent her sound. From where Idol is standing, their song ‘Night Crawling’ would have been a massive hit if the record label had pushed it further than they did instead of only focusing on the younger generation of artists on the ‘Plastic Hearts’ album.