Billy Idol And Steve Stevens Show Support To Andy Taylor

Being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a big dream for many bands. However, Duran Duran members and fans could not entirely enjoy the news, as former guitarist Andy Taylor was not with them at that special moment, for he was battling stage four cancer. The sad news they revealed during their induction speech caused great sadness in the rock world. Billy Idol and Steve Stevens were also among the ones who were devastated by this news, and they sent their best wishes to Taylor in their Twitter posts.

“Sad to hear of Andy Taylor’s condition and wish him the best,” wrote Billy Idol, expressing how sad he was to hear the heartbreaking news. “I remember jamming with him onstage at NYC Limelight Club back in the ’80s; he’s a rocker. Congrats on Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction, Duran Duran.”

As for Steve Stevens, he also shared his support for his colleague, remembering when they played together in the ’80s. “Andy Taylor was the very first musician to sing my praises in the press. Great times together in NYC around 86. Happy for Duran Duran to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but hearing of Andy’s cancer battle truly sucks. Sending out positive thoughts, buddy.”

Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor, and John Taylor opened the ceremony with ‘Girls On Film.’ They then played ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ and ‘Ordinary Worlds.’ If Taylor had been able to attend, it would have been an unforgettable performance in the Microsoft Theater, where all of the original members would reunite after nearly 15 years.

Andy Taylor has been battling cancer for four years. Diagnosed with metastatic stage four prostate cancer, the guitarist was unable to travel from Ibiza to L.A. because his health condition did not allow it. Duran Duran members honored their former bandmate while giving their acceptance speech. During the speech, they read an excerpt from Taylor’s letter, also posted on the band’s website, revealing both Taylor’s condition and feelings and how proud he was.

In the press room after the performance, lead singer Simon LeBon also shared his feelings about Taylor. The vocalist, who said he was devastated when he thought that one of the family members would not be with them for a while, was having trouble speaking and requested press members not to ask any more questions on the subject.