Billy Corgan Shares His Regret About Singing Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’

In a recent Instagram post on the official account of Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan opened up about his remorse over covering Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’ for ‘The Bozo Show.’

The singer started his message by giving background information on ‘The Bozo Show’ for the ones who don’t know:

“For those unaware, ‘The Bozo Show’ was the program my generation and my father’s generation watched religiously; a sort of bawling, improvisational, and live offering, centered around a mischief maker who had an irritable bent; and was by many accounts the inspiration for ‘The Simpson’s Krusty the Clown.”

Corgan’s Involvement In The Final Episode

He went on to talk about the final episode of the show, saying:

“So when I heard the show was going off the air after 40 years, due to an IP dispute with Bozo’s ‘owner’ Larry Harmon, I reached out to our local superstation WGN and said ‘I’ll do anything, I have to be involved.’ Graciously, WGN accepted my offer and went so far as to suggest I might want to play a tune, which I did with Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young.'”

Regret Over Song Choice

Corgan then also reflected on his regret about singing a Dylan song instead of writing an original one:

“Truth be told, and with all respect to Bob, I still regret the opportunity missed in not writing my own farewell song to Bozo. So seen here is a note from WGN thanking me, and it’s the kind of thing I hold on to, not so much for its value but for the memory.”

The rocker finally added the following, referring to a special keepsake from the show:

“One last bit of information: anyone who watched ‘The Bozo Show’ remembers they had a contest called the ‘Grand Prize Game’ where one had to throw a ping pong ball into a series of buckets. Well, somewhere amongst my many things, I have the last ball ever thrown in the ‘Grand Prize Game,’ as Bozo himself was nice enough to hand it to me.”

So, the last ‘Bozo Show,’ called ‘Bozo: 40 Years of Fun!’ aired on July 14, 2001, featuring a musical performance by Billy Corgan. Bozo made a comeback on television on December 24, 2005, in a two-hour retrospective called ‘Bozo, Gar & Ray: WGN TV Classics.’ In 2008, Bozo returned to Chicago’s parade and the WGN-TV float as the station celebrated its 60th anniversary.

You can see the photo Billy shared on Instagram below and watch the clip from the show here.

Photo Credit: Smashing Pumpkins – Instagram