Billy Corgan Shares His Biggest Disappointment About Smashing Pumpkins’ Live Shows

Billy Corgan has been rocking the stages with his band Smashing Pumpkins for over three decades, but he is worried that their efforts are sometimes not appreciated enough. In a recent interview with the Guardian, Corgan revealed what disappoints him most during Smashing Pumpkins concerts.

Smashing Pumpkins is still eager to tour and meet their fans worldwide, giving them an unforgettable experience during shows. However, like every artist, Billy Corgan is afraid the band might get underappreciated on certain occasions. Even though he didn’t lose his passion for performing with the Pumpkins, it seems this issue bothers him.

“One of my biggest disappointments, sometimes when we play a concert, is you don’t get the sense that the audience understands how rare it is that we’re actually standing there,” said Corgan, explaining his frustration on stage. “It’s 34 f*cking years later, you got three-quarters of the OG band in front of you, we’re ready to play, and we want to be here.”

“If you look at us through a kind lens,” Corgan continued, implying that they might appear in different ways in the eyes of music lovers. “We’re a wildly successful band for being as weird and different as we are. If you look at us through another lens, we’re just a pile of wasted opportunity.”

Although it has been 34 years since Smashing Pumpkins’ inception, they are still prominent in the rock scene. As it appears, Billy Corgan worries that their fans sometimes don’t recognize the value of being at a Pumpkins concert. However, the singer still has a passion for performing live.