Billy Corgan Says It Was ‘Terrifying’ To Work With David Bowie

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan recently joined The Howard Stern Show and recalled the time he worked with David Bowie. According to Corgan, working with Bowie was pretty terrifying.

David Bowie is, without a doubt, among the most distinctive personalities in the rock music scene. The icon has become a leading figure in the music industry throughout his music career and made a name for himself as a highly influential musician with his innovative work and stagecraft.

Knowing that Bowie is a one-of-a-kind artist, it’s no surprise that working with him might be hard for some. In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Billy Corgan admitted that working with Bowie felt terrifying and explained why.

As Billy Corgan recalled, Bowie made Corgan stand behind him during the show, and he didn’t understand why he did such a thing for years. After saying that standing next to Bowie on the stage was unreal, Corgan realized Bowie did this because he wanted them to look the same height.

Moreover, Corgan said Bowie emphasized visualization, so it makes sense for him to be concerned about that. According to Corgan, Bowie was a special person in the music scene because he could be like Frank Sinatra, but he chose to be a unique outcast like them.

When Stern reminded him of working with Bowie, Billy Corgan said the following:

It was terrifying. We did soundcheck as you do. I thought it was weird because he had me about five feet behind him. I thought it was a bit of a diss. I didn’t understand that. Then I come out for the show, it’s about halfway through the show, and he’s all warmed up and sweating.

His voice is warmed up, and it’s that voice. It was mind-blowing to hear him sing for real, standing next to him. For years, I didn’t understand why he put me behind him. It was almost like I was the little kid with him. I realized it was because I was so much taller. He had done it to diss me. He wanted us to look at the same height.”

He then continued:

“But David was all about optics, so now it makes total sense that he would be concerned that we look the same height on camera because he was very visual. But yeah, he was always great to me. I’m so blessed to have known him.

The thing about David that I think he’s so special to people from the alternative music side is that he could have been Frank Sinatra or one of those guys, but he chose to be a weirdo like us. You know, he’s our Frank Sinatra and our weirdo.”

You can watch the interview below.