Axl Rose’s AC/DC Gig Wasn’t An Easy Task, Marq Torien Explains

In a recent interview with Metal Social Sunday hosted by DJ Britt, Marq Torien, the frontman of BulletBoys, provided an insightful look into Axl Rose‘s performance with AC/DC. He discussed the unique challenges the musician faced as he stepped into the shoes of the beloved band, as well as the immense effort he put into the task to ensure he was able to do justice to their music.

The well-known frontman of Guns N’ Roses was invited to join AC/DC for their 2016 tour after their original singer, Brian Johnson, was forced to step down due to hearing issues. Rose’s role as a guest vocalist for the iconic rock band was met with a mix of excitement and skepticism from fans. Nevertheless, he ultimately proved his ability to deliver a powerful performance, exceeding expectations.

Recently, Torien expressed his admiration for Axl Rose’s dedication and hard work during that performance. He specifically pointed out how the vocalist went above and beyond while performing the band’s demanding songs in 2016. According to the BulletBoys singer, managing AC/DC’s repertoire was not an easy feat; however, Axl successfully took on the challenge and put his heart and soul into it.

Marq summed up his thoughts on the Guns N’ Roses frontman by saying:

“I’m so proud of [Axl] that he’s out there doing what he’s doing. He sang with AC/DC [on tour in 2016]. He was out there every night giving it everything that he has, and those songs are not a walk in the park, my brother. That’s some tough singing… I applaud him. Hats off to my brother, and a lot of love sent out to Axl Rose.”

The musician’s insights during the interview offered a fresh perspective on Axl Rose’s time with AC/DC. His emphasis on the effort Rose put forth to tackle the complex task of performing with the famous band not only highlighted the musician’s dedication but also revealed a new side to him from the BulletBoys vocalist’s point of view.