Axl Rose Issues An Apology After Recent Guns N’ Roses Concert

Guns N’ Roses went live in Saratoga Springs on the night of September 1, and Axl Rose tweeted from his official account, apologizing to his fans for his hoarse voice and his performance:

“My apologies I was a little horse… Fun night, great crowd!! Great venue!! N’ great to be back!! Again my apologies and thank you!!”

Some fans, including former Headbangers Ball host Riki Rachtman, noted that Axl didn’t use pre-recorded tracks, and this authenticity aligns with the ‘rock n’ roll’ style:

“But never on tape Always live!!!!! Rock n roll isn’t flawless Rock n Roll is Raw & most important live, not on tape”

However, not all fans were as optimistic about Rose’s performance. One user tweeted:

“I try to stay positive but I was at this show and it was the worst vocal performance that I have ever seen live. Everyone who is saying otherwise is not keeping it real.”

A fan-recorded video from the concert was posted on YouTube, in which Axl explained the issue with his voice and promised fans that he would do his best:

“My voice is a little whacky in between those lows and highs because last show -for whatever reason- in between every time when we disappear, I was throwing up. And then, over the course of next couple days till I got here, I’m feeling pretty good now, but I don’t know. So, I’m gonna try to improvise the best I can and not let you down.”

Axl should recover quickly because Guns N’ Roses is on tour with many stops scheduled until October 16. You can find the tour dates and ticket information here. Below, you can find the previously mentioned tweets.