Avril Lavigne Shares Her Wish About Hayley Williams

Avril Lavigne recently shared her thoughts on the Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams. Lavigne appeared on WWD to share her days on September’s New York Fashion Week, where she revealed she would love to work with Williams one day. While detailing the second day of the show, she described her outfit and revealed sitting next to the Paramore rocker. She said:

“Next day, we headed to the Dion Lee event. I wore a vintage T-shirt, some knee-high boots, and a trench from Luis. Luis and I went to the event together. I sat next to Hayley Williams, and I can’t believe our first time meeting was at a fashion show. She’s amazing and I’d love to collab with her one day.”

Although it’s the first time the two met face to face, they were in touch earlier. Lavigne shared that Williams sent her a letter thanking her for paving the way for ‘young women like her.’ Additionally, Williams has been compared to Lavigne for being in a woman-fronted band. The band’s guitarist Taylor York explained that they would always get compared to any girl-fronted band.

He added that they would try to fight back in their earlier days, but now they just laugh about it.

After Lavigne’s words about meeting Williams for the first time, confusion circulated among some fans, stating that they had met before by sharing pics of the two together. Below, you can see the pictures causing the confusion.