Arctic Monkeys Singer Alex Turner’s Personality Explained


Alex Turner has been a prominent figure in the rock scene, especially as the frontman and songwriter of one of the best-known rock bands, Arctic Monkeys. His career with the band started while he was a teenager, and Turner became a part of the music scene with the group’s debut album ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not.’ After gaining recognition with this fastest-selling album, Turner began to climb the ladders to success quickly.

After earning recognition in the UK, the next step was to open up to the world. Indeed, the band achieved this in 2012 primarily with the song ‘R U Mine?.’ They also received much praise for their covers of significant rockers like the Beatles and Queen. Along with his singing style, fans loved Turner’s iconic stage personality.

While creating his stance on stage, he took inspiration from various artists like Craig Nicholls, The White Stripes, and The Smiths. Arctic Monkeys’ frontman became a massive inspiration for upcoming musicians. The truth behind his distinctive stage persona is that he has been leaving his usual character aside while on stage.

Alex Turner Put His Usual Personality Aside While On Stage


Alex Turner experimented with different styles on stage for a long time until creating his current unique stage persona. He took inspiration from other impactful rockers who impressed him. However, he had to reflect on himself in the most proper way suitable for him. In 2011, Turner began to embrace the rock and roll style of rockabilly and shape his hair with the quiff hairstyle, which was prominent in the ’50s.

Arctic Monkeys’ frontman defined himself in an interview with The Daily Telegraph as someone who did not feel comfortable about public speaking. He also noted that he was not like musicians with natural performance talent. His preference was actually to be in the studio for recording.

Turner said in his words:

“I enjoy the studio side of it more than touring. I’m not one of those people that it comes naturally to, and I know some of the people who are born performers.”

Although it was not his favorite to be on stage, Turner created such a stage style for himself over time that people started to take inspiration from his style even in their daily lives. The rocker revealed in a past conversation with The Telegraph that he did not go on stage by being himself. According to him, it was not like acting, but he did this by feeling it at that moment naturally. Turner also added that he always felt strange after completing the performance.

On his stage personality, Alex Turner explained:

“I can’t go out there and absolutely be myself. The situation is so fundamentally unnatural. It’s not a full-on, ‘right, get into character’ thing; sometimes, part of how you feel comes out. But I think I always feel weird about that afterward.”

As Turner opened up about his stage persona, although it was not complete acting, he put his daily life personality aside before stepping onto the stage. By experimenting with many styles, the Arctic Monkeys rocker found the best version of him, which was proper for the stage and himself.