Anthony Kiedis Says There’s A Cate Le Bon Tribute In New Red Hot Chili Peppers Album

Red Hot Chili Peppers recently did a small fun facts section on Twitter where they tweeted an interesting fact about each track on their newly released album, ‘Unlimited Love.’ On their first track titled ‘Black Summer,’ Anthony Kiedis admitted that he adopted an accent as a tribute to the Welsh singer Cate Le Bon.

After Josh Klinghoffer left Red Hot Chili Peppers, the band embraced their old and iconic guitarist John Frusciante in 2019. The fans and the group were excited for this reunion with the guitarist after he had been apart from RHCP for ten years. The band didn’t slow down their pace and released their new album ‘Unlimited Love’ on April 1.

The 17-track album came with neon artwork highlighting the band’s iconic symbol and quickly made it to the charts. ‘Unlimited Love’ received positive reviews from the fans, and its songs are still a topic of discussion among fans regarding their stories. The band took advantage of this and fired up discussions on Twitter by revealing fun facts about the tracks.

While each 17 track has something fun or interesting related to their creation stories, the number one song, ‘Black Summer,’ caught attention for being a tribute to the successful Welsh singer Cate Le Bon. The vocalist sings in two languages, Welsh and English, unlike many other artists who leave their first language. In the first fun fact tweet, RHCP’s vocalist Anthony Kiedis said that he adapted a Welsh accent to tribute to the singer.

Kiedis’ statement in the tweet follows:

“Track 1 – Black Summer

AK: my adopted accent on this one is a tribute to Cate Le Bon.

The band talked about the music, drumming, and Kiedis’ singing in this session. While Flea praised Kiedis’ vocals on ‘These are the Ways,’ Frusciante had come up with the structure, and Chad Smith got inspired by Keith Moon on the drums.

You can see the tweet and listen to ‘Black Summer’ below.