Anthony Kiedis Says Red Hot Chili Peppers Never Had A Discussion About The Style Of Their Songs


Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis recently joined Clash Music for an interview and stated that he and his bandmates never talk about how their music should sound like.

RHCP’s music has been described as funk rock, funk metal, rap rock, and alternative rock, with some influences from psychedelic, punk, and hard rock. However, RHCP never openly identified with these genres or movements throughout the band’s career. Anthony Kiedis’ vocal styles transformed through the years. While his initial style was rapping and spoken verse the band reduced rapped verses as the years passed.

On the other hand, Frusciante’s guitar playing focused on emotion and melody rather than virtuosity, and he’s changed his playing style from dry and funky to melodically driven. Bassist Flea’s guitar style employs funk, punk, psychedelic, and hard rock with groove-heavy melodies. However, his bass playing also changed during RHCP’s career, as he shifted from a slap bass style to traditional and melodic bass lines. Moreover, Chad Smith mixes rock with funk and includes metal and jazz in his beats, creating a sound of his own.

So, each member of RHCP has different likings and tastes, and they are not afraid of a change in their way of playing. Speaking to Clash Music about the ’70s influence in the album ‘Unlimited Love,’ Kiedis stated that they have never had a discussion over the style of their songs, and they derive inspiration from anything because they listen to all kinds of music.

Here is what Anthony Kiedis told Clash Music in the interview:

I don’t think we’ve ever had a single discussion about what we want our songs or records to sound like. It comes from so many different places, and none of it is a conversation. We listen to everything. We’ve never had a boundary or a qualification for what can or cannot be a Red Hot Chili Peppers song; we’ll take anything and everything.”

Anthony Kiedis claimed that they don’t really talk about what they want their efforts to sound like because they are all influenced by many styles. Moreover, Kiedis stated that this is because they listen to everything, and there are no boundaries for a Red Hot Chili Peppers song. So, the motifs in the band’s songs are not intentional and don’t try to imitate anything.