Anni-Frid Lyngstad And Björn Ulvaeus Say ‘Voyage’ Can Be The Last ABBA Album

ABBA icons Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Björn Ulvaeus spoke to NME and unveiled whether they would create and record a new album. The two musicians’ words about their possible tenth album were confusing for the fans who have been looking forward to hearing another record from them.

Shortly after ABBA released their eighth studio album entitled ‘The Visitors’ on November 30, 1981, the band members announced their breakup. Then, the legendary musicians didn’t create and share any songs or albums until last year. Also, their music appeared in the famous musical ‘Mamma Mia!’ years later. In 2016, ABBA reunited to work on a new project accompanying their upcoming record, which surprised their fans.

After decades, the Swedish pop group shared its ninth studio album, ‘Voyage,’ on November 5, 2021. Their return to the stage received very positive reviews from music critics and pop music lovers, especially those who have been listening to them since their first appearance. In addition to the record, Fältskog, Ulvaeus, Andersson, and Lyngstad started ‘ABBA Voyage,’ a concert residency including ABBA as virtual avatars.

The concerts will take place in London from May to December 2022, and the best-selling musicians’ futuristic move drew significant attention. Moreover, the band’s members, Ulvaeus and Lyngstad, talked about the possibility of making a new ABBA album in their recent conversation. However, Ulvaeus said this was it, and Lyngstad found the statement sad. Then, the musician highlighted they could always take it back, so he slightly left the doors open for future releases.

When asked about their latest album would be their last, Ulvaeus said:

“I think this is it.

Lyngstad responded:

“How sad!”

Ulvaeus added:

“It’s sad to say that, but then again, you can always take it back. So the answer to the question could be yes or no.”

You can check out the video and album below.