Angus Young Says Every AC/DC Album They Ever Did Had To Come Up To A Certain Standard

In an interview for Red 96.3 radio station, AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young talked about the band’s most recent release, ‘Power Up,’ and explained how they created a certain standard for themselves which they aimed to apply in every AC/DC album they ever did.

As you may recall, AC/DC released their latest album, ‘Power Up,’ in November 202o. The 17th album of the band featured Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams, Angus Young, and Stevie Young, and managed to become the Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon within the first two days of its release. Previously, Angus referred to the album as a tribute to the band’s late rhythm guitarist and co-founder, Malcolm Young, who passed away due to dementia back on November 18, 2017.

Recently, Angus Young joined an interview with Greece’s Red 96.3 radio station and answered questions about the ‘Power Up’ album. During the conversation, Angus mentioned that they actually aimed to set their own standard and sound and style. He further explained that they wanted to create a sound that a rock music fan could identify an AC/DC song easily when they heard it over the radio.

Young stated that since the beginning of their career, they wanted to capture that notion for all the AC/DC albums and keep that style going. He said that they strive for creating a powerful sound using the same style and techniques so that every album they have ever done could come up to that certain standard.

Here is what Angus Young stated about the standard that they tried to set for all of the AC/DC albums:

“We aimed to set our own standard and sound and style. We wanted to always be a band that, if you heard it on the radio, you heard a song, or if you heard it anywhere, immediately when you heard it, you went, ‘That’s them. That’s AC/DC. I hear it straight away. That’s their style.’ That’s what we always wanted — to capture that and keep that style going.

So any album we ever did, the variety comes in what you do with the songs, but the style and how it’s played, and, again, with that powerful sound, that’s what we strive for. So every album we ever did had to come up to that standard.”

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