Andy Summers Details The Police’s Upcoming Projects

The Police guitarist Andy Summers recently spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock and revealed details about the band’s future projects.

After their fifth and final album ‘Synchronicity’ was released, The Police embarked on a tour to support the album and decided to go on a hiatus when it concluded. They occasionally reunited to perform in venues and began working on a new album. When these plans failed, The Police split for good, and the band members pursued solo careers.

On February 11, 2007, The Police announced their return during the opening performance of the 49th Annual Grammy Awards. They then embarked on a reunion tour for the 30th anniversary of the band. When they came back from the road, The Police announced there wouldn’t be any new album or an extensive tour, and they would break up again.

However, it seems The Police now have some new projects in mind. In a recent interview, Ultimate Classic Rock asked Andy Summers whether there will be a series of Police reissues they will release in the future, and Summers explained what The Police’s upcoming plans are.

Andy Summers stated that they didn’t make enough records, but they have a top-rated music catalog that will remain classics. He then said that he is grateful their music didn’t fade away, and the only thing he can say about the future is that The Police is planning to make a documentary and a traveling exhibition.

During the conversation, UCR asked Andy Summers the following:

“It’s been mentioned that there will be a series of Police reissues over the next ten years. What else is in the pipeline?”

As a response, Andy Summers said:

“I mean, we didn’t make that many records. We made five records that were all number one everywhere worldwide, more than most bands. So we have a vast, very popular catalog that’s never gone away. The whole thing is miraculous because we are still talking about it all of these years later.

The music never seems to go away, which makes you feel very good about it. We didn’t just do something that appeared and was never heard again. You know, we carry on. I can only say that over the next ten years, there’s a lot planned. I know we’re going to make a documentary; there will be a traveling exhibition. These things will be different.

Obviously, they keep repackaging things and doing stuff with the material, so I don’t really know, but Stewart and I have a very smart and energetic manager who intends to make sure this continues in various forms. I think the next thing will be the documentary, an amazing documentary made by a very talented person. We’ve got to figure that out yet.”

According to Summers, he and Stewart Copeland have a manager who intends to make sure The Police’s legacy continues in various forms. Moreover, The Police’s next plan is to create a documentary, but whether they began working on it remains unknown.