Andy Curran Shares The Aerosmith And Tom Petty Albums Everyone Needs To Hear

Envy of None bassist Andy Curran recently spoke to Listen Next! and was asked about his favorite albums. The musician revealed two records that belong to Aerosmith and Tom Petty and stated that he never gets tired of listening to them.

Andy Curran made himself heard as the bassist of Coney Hatch and contributed to the band’s three albums during the 1980s. After the band’s breakup, Curran continued his career as a solo artist and was involved in various other projects. Recently, he joined Envy of None, featuring Alex Lifeson, Maiah Wynne, and Alfio Annibalini.

The band initially planned to release their self-titled debut album in late 2021, but it was pushed forward to 2022. As the band announced a short time ago, the album will finally arrive on April 8, 2022. The first single off the album, titled ‘Liar,’ was released on January 12, 2022, and the second one, ‘Look Inside,’ on March 2, 2022.

During his recent interview, Andy Curran was asked about one album that he thinks everybody needs to listen to in their lifetime. Curran wanted to choose two albums instead and revealed his first choice as Aerosmith’s 1976 album ‘Rocks.’ The musician referred to that record as a big desert island album for him that includes many great songs in it.

Curran’s second pick was Tom Petty’s debut solo studio album, ‘Full Moon Fever,’ released in 1989. According to the musician, both records have special places in his life. He stated that there are numerous outstanding songs in these albums, and Curran also called Tom Petty one of the best songwriters of all time. The bassist added that he could listen to these two albums tirelessly for the rest of his life.

When asked about his favorite albums, Curran said:

“I can ask for two. Anybody who thinks they know Aerosmith and dismisses them as being of whatever band they think they are needs to go out and listen to ‘Rocks.’ That album is just like, ‘What a rock record.‘ I have worn out multiple copies of it playing, and there’re so many great songs on that. That’s a big desert island one for me.

Then I think of Tom Petty’s ‘Full Moon Fever.’ It has a great wide-open, free-falling that record to me. That’s timeless, and I think Tom Petty is one of the best songwriters in the world. I love everything he’s done, but if you said to me you could only take two albums to a desert island, I would put those two under my arm and be a happy guy because I never get tired of listening to either one of them.”

You can listen to the entire conversation and both albums below.