Amy Lee Shares How She Overcame Her Stage Fright After Becoming A Mother

Evanescence’s talented singer Amy Lee had a conversation with 102.9 The Buzz and talked about getting back to performing after the pandemic outbreak. The frontwoman revealed how she dealt with her nerves on stage when she took a big break while pregnant with her son.

Life in general halted with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this pause severely affected musicians. Not only was it hard for them to go into a studio to produce new music, but it was also impossible for them to go on the stage in front of huge crowds due to government restrictions.

Evanescence was one of the bands that took a break but recently excited their fans by announcing their upcoming tour with Halestorm. In a recent interview, Amy Lee was asked if she would feel nervous on stage after a big break like this, and she replied by giving an example of the break she took when she was pregnant with her son, who is now seven years old.

She stated that no matter how long she has performed on stage, it takes a while to readjust after she takes a break. According to the singer, if a person is destined to be on stage, they won’t forget how to perform and act, but still, it’s normal to feel nervousness and excitement after a halt.

Amy Lee is considered one of the most talented vocalists of all time, and even she is scared about messing up on stage sometimes, and has to keep assuring herself that it is all going to be okay. She also mentioned that once she hears the music and gives herself into the rock and roll, her body and her mind follow, and she gets more and more comfortable with each show.

Here is what she stated about her nerves:

“We’ve had big gaps before between album cycles and touring cycles. The biggest one I think, was when I became a mom. My son is seven now, and I remember going into a new chapter, getting pregnant, having a child, and just being in a different headspace. That first year after he was with us, it was really hard for me to really feel like I’m gonna step on there on that stage, it’s gonna be powerful, I’m gonna feel powerful, young, the boots are gonna fit, and everything’s gonna go right.

I was nervous, but it’s funny how it works. If it’s in you, it’s in you forever. I stepped on stage, I remember like two seconds in, and it was just like, I wasn’t even thinking anymore. It’s just like that thing takes over, and it’s coming from the inside, it felt so beautiful that like ‘okay I’m totally not done yet.’

So yeah, there are always nerves at first, no matter what. Especially when there’s anything new going on, even for playing one new song, we’re always nervous like ‘I’m gonna mess it up, I’m gonna mess it up.’ So this is gonna be a whole new set really, so there is a lot for us to be anxious and nervous about a little bit, but you get past the first couple of days, and you get the rock neck going on, get where your body’s comfortable, your brain starts being more comfortable, and it starts to be really fun.

You can watch her full interview below.