Amy Lee Sends An Offer To Linkin Park Amid New Female Singer Rumors

You might have heard the rumors about Linkin Park’s new possible vocalist. Evanescence’s Amy Lee has some comments about it.

In a new interview with iHeart Radio, Lee sent an offer to Linkin Park about the possibility of a new singer. When asked if she heard about the rumors of her stepping in as a replacement for Chester Bennington, she replied:

“I have not heard that. No, I have not been contacted or anything like that. But [I’m a] huge fan feel like our worlds, our fanbases are a lot of the same people.”

Still, she acknowledged that it was sweet that people thought that way:

“That’s really sweet. We never… Well, did we play shows? I don’t know if [Evanescence and Linkin Park] were on a festival together or whatever. We met. We were in the studio at the same time. When we were making ‘Fallen’, I just briefly got to have a conversation or two with Chester. He was really sweet.”

Lee also sent an offer to the band:

“But no, it’s not true. But that’s awesome. They should ask me about that. I don’t have a ton of free time, but I might do it part time.”

Who Is The New Singer?

The rumors first started when Orgy frontman Jay Gordon accidentally revealed Linkin Park’s possible return with a female lead singer. In an interview with KCAL 96.7’s RadioActive Mike Z., Gordon said:

“These guys are cool, and they’re a big band. Been around for ages and still going strong. It’ll be tough without Chester [Bennington], but let’s see. I heard they’re trying out a female singer now. That’s what I heard. Don’t quote me on it. Not sure who the singer is, but I heard it’s gonna be a lady. Maybe they’re trying something new like that. Could be interesting.”

Later, Shinoda mentioned on a Twitch livestream in 2022 that he’s stayed in touch with the band, but they’re not planning any tours or albums right now. He also told fans not to get too excited.

Following the comments, Dicodec shared their guesses on who might be the new Linkin Park singer in a YouTube video. They talked about the possibility of continuing with a female Japanese singer and threw around some names. They think a Japanese singer might be likely since Mike Shinoda’s half-Japanese.

Dicodec brought up one of Shinoda’s old interviews where he mentioned being open to a new singer, but not someone who sounds like Bennington. One person in the comments even suggested Brian Burkheiser from I Prevail as a good fit. In the rest of their chat, they mentioned some other Japanese female singers, like Lisa and Mayu Maeshima, but they weren’t sure about their high notes. They also mentioned Tatiana Shmayluk from Jinjer and Lzzy Hale from Halestorm as possible options.

Lee and Lzzy Hale Covered Linkin Park

During Evanescence’s 2022 tour with Halestorm, Lee and Lzzy Hale performed their own version of Linkin Park’s ‘Heavy.’ Later, Lzzy Hale talked about why they decided to cover the track in an interview with the 105.7 The Point radio station:

“[Amy and I] were lobbing a couple of ideas back and forth and then, all of a sudden, we landed on Linkin Park. And [we thought], you know what? That would be really cool because inadvertently it would be a tribute to Chester, but also, everything that this song has been about, we’ve all been through that — everybody. And so it’s almost this like very church moment where you walk out onstage and you’re, like, ‘All right. This is my church. These are my people. We’re all doing this together.'”

Considering this, both Lee and Hale would be a fit for the band. It will be clearer who the new singer is as time passes by.

You can watch the recent interview below.