Amy Lee On Feeling Disappointed About ’The Open Door’ Sales

Amy Lee of Evanescence was lately interviewed by Louder Sound, talking about the band’s career, the problems she’s been through as a singer, and the band’s early days. The frontwoman was asked if she was disappointed when ‘The Open Door’, the band’s second most popular album, didn’t sell as much as ‘Fallen’. With a short answer, she responded:

“That’s a tough one to answer. I try not to focus too much on the business. Of course, you always want it to be the best. Of course, I want it to always be No.1, but I don’t go into it for that. I focus on making something really great that I love, that our fans love.”

Though the album didn’t have the first place on sales, Lee did not regret releasing the album, as it had a great value for the band. On the 15th anniversary of ‘The Open Door’, Lee was interviewed by 105.7 The Point, where she talked about her views and fears when the album was first released. She explained:

“‘The Open Door’ was a big moment for me personally, ‘Fallen’ was an incredible thing that happened to us, and at so young, but there was just still so much anxiety and uncertainty. I knew that it was everybody looking at me going, ‘Can she do that? Is that real? Are you just saying it? Was it really all somebody else?’ It was a big moment for me, I knew, to prove myself and to know that I still wanted it.”

The album got first place in Billboard’s ‘US 200’, ‘US Top Rock Albums’, and ‘European Albums’ in the first week it was released, and was certified platinum. You can listen to the album down below.