Alice Cooper Recalls Getting High With Pink Floyd When They Were Broke

Alice Cooper recently looked back on the crazy stories from his early days with the original band in his new audiobook, ‘Who I Really Am: The Diary of a Vampire.’ There is a special one among those stories, including marijuana and Pink Floyd in its early days, when they were broke and moved in with Cooper’s band.

For those of you who may not know, around the time Alice Cooper’s band was still trying to make a name for themselves in Los Angeles in the late 1960s, Pink Floyd was also trying to do the same thing. In fact, the two bands met each other while performing at the same club and started hanging out together.

Their relationship went from being friends to housemates when Pink Floyd literary ran out of money and moved into the house where Cooper and his bandmates lived. The Godfather of Shock Rock has multiple stories from those days, especially about their extensive substance abuse.

Alice Cooper decided to share one of those hilarious stories in his recent audiobook. As it turns out, Cooper and his band had an audition at Gazzarri’s, and their new housemates decided to make edibles in the morning. Despite his crazy image, the singer revealed that he had never ingested marijuana before, which is why he got incredibly high after eating the brownies with Pink Floyd.

The problem was that they had to make it to the audition. Even though they managed to step on stage right on time, Cooper kept falling due to being high, and the Pink Floyd members in the audience couldn’t stop themselves from laughing. Even though it may sound unbelievable, Alice Cooper and his band managed to get the job.

In the audiobook, Cooper told:

“It was back when they ran out of money and they moved in with us! We were playing the same club. We knew who they were, but I don’t think anybody on the planet knew who they were. We got along with these guys so well. Because we were both kinds of psychedelic at the time. Syd Barrett and Glen Buxton got along. They were both two of the weirdest guitar players ever.

They came over and stayed, I think, for a weekend with us, because they ran out of money. I mean, they just literally ran out of money. The funniest story there was that we did get an audition at Gazzarri’s in the afternoon. Pink Floyd decided to make brownies. Now, I had never ingested marijuana before. It’s a different high. I mean, it’s like, really, you get crazy stoned.

We were up on stage trying to do these songs for an audition, and I kept falling off the stage. It was only about a foot high. The Floyd were in the audience. It was just them in the afternoon, and they were laughing their heads off because we were so stoned. But we did get the job!”

It’s unbelievable to think Alice Cooper and the original members of Pink Floyd were so close that they shared the same house at some point. Their fans are now glad to hear stories from that time in Cooper’s book since it was his first-hand experience.