Alex Van Halen’s Stunning Pre-Show Ritual About Rush Was Revealed By Sebastian Bach

Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach posted a recent tweet in which he revealed a lesser-known fact about Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen.

After the iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s death, VH decided to disband in 2020 as they couldn’t continue without him. From the band’s formation until their disbandment, Alex Van Halen concentrated on his career within the band, alongside his brother Eddie. However, his brother’s death affected Alex a lot, and he has been living away from publicity ever since.

According to Sammy Hagar, although a year has passed since the tragic incident, Alex Van Halen is still not ready to talk to anybody. In the same interview, Hagar also stated that Alex was an underrated drummer because he has never been flashy. Recently, Sebastian Bach also talked about the drummer and revealed a little-known truth about Alex on his Twitter.

The ‘Van Halen Rising’ author Greg Renoff recently tweeted a photo of Eddie. In the tweet, he claimed that 99.99% of rock bands couldn’t come hype up a crowd like Van Halen. Following that, one of his followers asked him if he ever saw Rush’s concerts. Upon seeing Renoff question what Rush is, Sebastian Bach intervened. The musician told Renoff that Alex Van Halen was a fan of Rush, and he listened to them before every concert.

Greg Renoff’s tweet read:

“99.99% percent of rock bands that have existed on this planet couldn’t come close to generating this kind of energy from a crowd.”

One of his followers then asked him:

“Ever been to a Rush concert?”

Greg Renoff then responded:

“What is Rush?”

Upon seeing that, Sebastian Bach answered him as:

“Rush is the band that Alex Van Halen listened to before he went on stage every night, but of course you know that.”

You can check out the tweets below.