Alex Lifeson Teams Up With Kirk Hammett And Tom Morello

During a conversation with Ultimate Classic Rock, Rush’s Alex Lifeson has revealed that he will be making new music with the collaboration of Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.

It is known that the guitarist Alex Lifeson has shut the doors on a possible Rush reunion on several occasions, saying there is no way the band will ever exist again after the death of their drummer, Neil Peart. He hinted at a possible collaboration with Geddy Lee though, adding there is no urgency to do so yet. He has also announced he is working on new music recently, after the release of the two instrumental tracks named ‘Kabul Blues’ and ‘Spy House.’

Tom Morello, on the other hand, is a known Rush fan as he even campaigned for them to be inducted into the Rock&Roll Hall Of Fame. Morello and Lifeson also appeared together in a video by Future User titled ‘Voodoo,’ which was a critique of the American health care system. In the video which was released back in 2015, Morello and Lifeson played doctors performing surgery along with Geddy Lee.

Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock, Alex Lifeson has talked about a collaboration with Tom Morello and Kirk Hammett for a new track that will appear on a project Morello is assembling. He said he loved taking part in the project which he thinks is made up of a collaboration of several different musicians. Alex stated that Morello gave him and Kirk Hammett a number of guitar riffs and asked them to put whatever they want on it. Lifeson then said he experimented with other styles apart from heavy rock, and they all kept in touch during the process of making the music. He also revealed that he was satisfied with the outcome after hearing an early mix of the song, hoping they will collaborate again in the future.

Alex Lifeson has told UCR that:

“I think this is a project that Morello’s working on with a bunch of different musicians. I don’t really know what the future holds for it, but I really loved doing it. He said, ‘Put whatever you want on it – the more the merrier.’ He was going to give it to Kirk Hammett and Kirk was going to do the same thing. Being the contrarian, I did all of these other styles, not just heavy rock. We were all talking to each other while we were doing it, and we just had such a riot. I sent my stuff in and it went to Kirk then, and he sent his stuff in.”

He then continued:

“It’s really some fun music. It’s so Tom Morello, his parts. I just smiled the whole way through listening to it. I thought it was really, really cool the way it turned out. I’m hoping that he might have something else to send along.”

Alex Lifeson has been working on a ten-track album which he will release later this year, also announcing the new track will be released under his side project Envy Of None. He and Andy Curran are accompanied by guitarist Alfio Annibalini and vocalist Maiah Wynne for the project, along with Tim Oxford and David Quinton Steinberg.