Alex Lifeson Drops A Bombshell About Rush Reunion

In a new conversation with Guitar World, Alex Lifeson told Rush fans not to get too excited about a reunion.

The guitarist was talking about his new gear: an amplifier, pedal, and a guitar. He was then asked if he might use it to work with his Rush bandmate Geddy Lee. Lifeson said he was not sure about reuniting with Lee despite all the rumors. He then referred to their last shows:

“The show looked great. I think a lot of our fans felt, you know, why now? But we broke up the band basically for Neil. And he had valid reasons. He was tired. He couldn’t play at the level he demanded from himself. So he felt it was time. But I think that for a lot of Rush fans, there wasn’t a feeling of closure. So there’s a hope that we’d get back together.”

Lifeson Is Not Interested In A Tour

Lifeson says playing with Lee on the bassist’s book tour and at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts was inspiring to get back together. He still decided against it, and explained why:

“I mean, we toured for 40 years. I’m not interested in going back out on tour. I don’t wanna sit in a hotel room for hours and hours and hours to work for a couple of hours. Been there, done it, loved it. But that’s in the past. So whether Ged and I get back together again and write or do anything, we’ll see. Until then, there’s plenty to work on, you know?”

The Musician Thinks The Reunion Is Up To Lee

Earlier this year, the guitarist responded to the Rush questions in an interview with Ultimate Guitar. He said he didn’t know and they should ask Geddy about it. Alex then added:

“When he’s [Geddy Lee] ready, he always says, ‘Come over for a coffee, and we’ll go down to the studio and bash around a few notes.’ Yeah, call me. And so far he’s been so busy, but I think maybe in the new year — or this is the new year — maybe soon we’ll find the time to sit down and see what happens. Maybe nothing happens. Maybe it’s not there anymore. Maybe it’s gonna be amazing. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Lee gave the green light to a Rush reunion in November 2023. The bassist said playing Rush songs with a third person was something they avoided before, but they could do it now.