Adrian Vanderberg Says He Never Wants To See Bert Heerink Again

In a recent turn of events, Adrian Vandenberg has voiced his dissatisfaction with his former Vandenberg band members. In an emotionally charged statement, he revealed that he never wishes to see Bert Heerink again.

The strife in Vandenberg officially started in July 2012 when Heerink, along with Dick Kemper and Jan Zoomer, made an audacious attempt to seize the rights to the name from Vandenberg. The attempt sparked a series of six lawsuits, causing a significant drain on resources, both financially and emotionally, for all parties involved. The battle waged in the courtrooms marked a low point in the relationship between the bandmates and caused deep-rooted tension.

The lawsuits eventually concluded, but not in the way many had hoped. While there was an opportunity for Adrian to reunite with his former bandmates, he opposed to the idea. In his words, he ‘never wants to see Bert Heerink again,’ the former bass player who had been instrumental in initiating the lawsuits.

Adrian Vanderbeg said:

I never want to see this guy again because he and the former bass player (Dick Kemper) started six lawsuits against me and they lost them all. They claimed my name, my band name (Vandenberg). They said they were a part of it and so they wanted to have that name and I said no no no. I had to defend myself. It was six lawsuits, cost a lot of money and a lot of negative energy.

Otherwise we could have done some reunion shows and we didn’t. It is embarrassing and also because you think you are friends. Then 30 years later after I was in Whitesnake for 12 years and toured all over the world and all the stadiums you name it. They (Bert and Dick) think oh wait a minute there’s money to be made so they wanted to tour without me like a Vandenberg without Vandenberg so to speak.

They had the illusions they could win so I never need to see those guys again because there was so much lying going on and those lawsuits. It’s sad, yeah it’s not gonna happen.”

Despite the lingering acrimony, Vandenberg has found a way to move forward. In January 2020, the guitarist announced the revival of the Vandenberg name with an entirely new lineup and album. The band now features former Rainbow vocalist Ronnie Romero on vocals, Rudy Sarzo on bass, and Brian Tichy on drums. By 26 March 2020, they announced their first studio album in 35 years, aptly titled ‘2020,’ which was released on 29 May. And in a further development, on 8 October 2021, Vandenberg announced that Swedish singer Mats Levén had joined the band.