Adam Lambert Shares His Opinion About The COVID-19 Vaccine

Queen’s touring lead singer and successful solo musician Adam Lambert shared a video on his official Instagram account, in which he opened up about the coronavirus vaccine for the first time. While talking from backstage at Global Citizen Live, Lambert revealed that he performed to provide the vaccine for the countries in need since the only way to stop the pandemic is to get people vaccinated.

This year’s Global Citizen Live brought numerous musicians, activists, and world leaders from all over the globe together to finance their ‘Recovery Plan for the World.’ The event supported several projects to fight the most well-known issues in today’s world, such as poverty, climate change, and, most importantly, vaccine inequity.

The organization took place at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on September 25. It included performances from brilliant musicians such as Global Citizen veteran Stevie Wonder, Demi Lovato, One Republic, and Adam Lambert. Following his performance, the Queen singer shared a video on Instagram and reminded his fans to visit the website of Global Citizen to support their cause.

Out of three main goals, Lambert stated that he’s more focused on the coronavirus pandemic and is determined to convince capable country leaders to donate the COVID-19 vaccine to those who can not afford or don’t have access. If you ask the rocker, the only way to stop the entire coronavirus outbreak is to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

Furthermore, Adam Lambert said the vaccine has nothing to do with politics since science and scientists all agree that the shot works and will most likely bring the outbreak to an end regardless of personal opinions.

In his IG video, Lambert stated:

“Please go to the website of Global Citizen. Please donate just a little bit of your time to make an action to contact the leaders so that you guys can help to make a difference. The thing that I’m focusing on this year is the pandemic. It’s out of control as you all know and what we’re trying to do is get leaders from different nations that have the resources to donate or fund up to two billion doses of the vaccine for underprivileged areas or areas that don’t have access to the vaccine.

The only way we’re gonna stop this pandemic is by getting more and more people vaccinated. That’s the science. That’s how it works regardless of politics. That is what the scientists are saying so we should probably listen unless you’re a scientist.”

The entire controversy regarding the COVID-19 vaccine is a minefield since everybody has a different opinion. Just like everyone else, Adam Lambert is entitled to have his own opinion, and it’s always great to see a musician fighting for the greater good through his music instead of forcing his own views on his fans.