Adam Lambert Discusses The Media’s Focus On His Sexuality Rather Than Career

Queen frontman Adam Lambert was recently interviewed by Metro Source, and was asked if he is getting sick of being the focus because of his sexual orientation or if he believes it helped advance gay representation in music. The 41-year-old singer explained:

“It’s interesting because it’s a case-by-case thing. It definitely became the main thing I was asked about in interviews for a while, but I found that there were certain journalists who were thoughtful and felt interesting to talk with because they were not new to the subject.”

Even the journalists’ attitude matter when it comes to the questions about his sexuality. He goes on:

Queer and queer-allied journalists who knew what they were talking about always felt more comfortable. Where it got a bit strange was when super-mainstream journalists asked ignorant questions, that’s when it got annoying.”

The singer gained fame with the singing competition American Idol 15 years ago and he has been on the lists ever since. He spoke of the times he first got famous:

“When I first got off ‘Idol’, I realized quickly that I was in a position where I could either make a change and help the cause or I could be selfish and just sort of worry about my own career.”

Lambert had to choose one of the two options. Did he want to be seen and represent his community, or did he just want to have his own career and go with its flow? He knew he wanted things to go in a certain way, which he explained like so:

“But I felt right away that it was important to represent the community. I knew I was in a position that not many had access to, so being the only out mainstream pop artist at the time, I knew it was bigger than me. I knew that just by me being my authentic self and not being afraid to show that, it would create ripples and I could help people feel it was okay to be authentic with who they are. I knew in my gut that I was okay to be loud, proud, and unapologetic.”

Ever since his first appearance on the show, there have been many theories and claims that he got second place, but not first, due to his sexuality. Despite the allegations, Lambert continued to release new music for his community and topped the charts. You can listen to the latest album, ‘High Drama’, by clicking here.